Rainbow Mille A37

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The Frag Plug

Recommended Parameters:

kH (Alkalinity): 8.5

Calcium: 430

Magnesium: 1440

Nitrate: 5 ppm

Phosphate: LPS / Softies ~ .05 - .10 // SPS ~ 0 - .02

Hello and welcome to The Frag Plug; your premier source of live coral frags!

Shipping Policy:

  • In the rare case that any coral arrives DOA (Dead On Arrival), pictures of the corals in the original packaging must be sent to info@thefragplug.com within 3 hours of arrival. In cases where the weather is extreme, this policy will be reduced to 1 hour or may be null.


  • Any DOA replacements will be sent with your next order. Store credit can only be used with corals only, credit can never be used with shipping.


  • We are not responsible for delays, and if we feel the shipment may get delayed we reserve the right to hold the package until we feel it is safe to ship.


  • ALL packages are sent via UPS Priority Overnight shipping and do not require signature upon delivery. Priority Overnight deliveries are delivered by or before 10:30 AM (your local time) in most areas.


  • We do not offer refunds. When you buy through our store, you reserve the item(s) for yourself since everything is WYSIWYG. If you force us to refund you, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee.
  • The following scenarios we will allow refunds: If we take longer than 10 days to ship your order, or if the coral that you purchased is not in good health and no replacement can be made. 


  • Shipping is free over $349. Exclusions may apply if coral colonies are being shipped.